The Funeral - trailer 2

Category: Short films
Director: Nick Green
Producer: Glenn Holberton
Writer: Jez Freedman

The Funeral is a 15 minute live action short that we made in 2013, written by Jez Freedman. directed by Nick Green and produced by Glenn Holberton.  Starring Paul Kaye, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Allan Corduner, Ben Caplan and introducing Felix Rubens as Mikey.


Arnold Cowan is not a religious man. He doesn’t believe in any of that nonsense.

Which is a bit of a problem because his son wants a proper bar mitzvah, complete with Synagogue service and everything done according to Jewish tradition.

Arnold’s mother pulls him in one direction, and his wife pulls him in the other.

But when a family tragedy brings everyone together, it has consequences no one quite expects.