Being Bradford Dillman - trailer

Category: Short films
Director: Emma Burch
Designer & co-director: Pete Williamson
Executive Producer: Glenn Holberton

Directed by Emma Burch, designed by Pete Williamson and animated by Daniella Orsini; from a story by Emma Burch & Pete Williamson, Being Bradford Dillman was Exec Produced by Glenn Holberton.

Very much a personal project by Emma, this atmospheric and uplifting, stop-motion animated short has won over sixteen awards in International Film Festivals.


Pale-skinned Molly Flowers leads a somewhat sad and lonely existence, her best friend is her cat, Smudge.

Her mother drinks all day and the local boys give her a hard time whenever she’s out-of-doors.

When Molly is shot with a rubber suction-tipped arrow, her mother has no desire to listen to Molly winging and flippantly says that she’d better not moan about boys because Molly herself was born a boy.

Mum has no inkling what a earth-shattering statement this is for Molly.